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The Washington State Export Resource Center (WERC) was formed by a dynamic partnership between business representatives, education and state government to bring new and existing resources to light for business around the state pursuing interests in selling their products and services throughout the global market place. Born from a statewide initiative to increase export by 30% by the year 2015 this new partnership is funded by state grant.

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WERC is filled with direct links and contact information for your convenience. Once you have assessed your needs and located programs, educational forums or many of the other options available to you and your business, simply reference the contact within that section for additional assistance.


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Log exports, not harvests, key to timber future Guest viewpoint

Log exports, not harvests, key to timber future Guest viewpoint

Politicians, industrialists and environmentalists seeking to bolster timber revenues and jobs by increasing logging are ignoring the elephant in the room: log exports.

Without downsizing log exports, we won’t solve our timber problems. Why? Because it’s not just about how much timber is logged. It’s where this timber goes, who works on it, and how it’s taxed that has the real effect on our economy.

In a Register-Guard guest viewpoint on Oct. 11, Lane County Commissioner Peter Sorenson said, “History has taught us that we can’t cut our way to prosperity.” Indeed, in 2010 a substantial boost in timber cutting failed to increase local jobs or revenues. Read more


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